Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.33.07 AM“Rupert is one the best creatives I worked with. He has the perfect balance of understanding where the client is coming from given the business realities and yet having a strong creative stance behind his work. His amazing energy and passion for the brand also makes the whole creative development process much more fun and energising for the team. Rupert and I have worked together recently on 2 major regional campaigns , all of which qualified with the highest scores in the Brand’s history. I’m sure Rupert would be a great addition to any Brand’s Creative team!”

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.33.39 AM“I had a chance to work with Rupert as an APAC MD for Procter & Gamble. It was a pretty awesome experience: Rupert was able to push the creative envelope on the biggest shampoo brand. He led the team to deliver a superb integrated program we all feel very proud of. A superb mix of great creativity and ability to work with clients like P&G who require some convincing to adopt slightly different work… exactly what we need from ECDs!”

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.34.18 AM“Rupert is one of the finest creatives I’ve worked with. He always pushed the creative boundaries and forced us to bring fresh life and energy into our creatives. Always keeping the consumer at the heart of everything he does, and always looking to break new frontiers with the brand he’s partnering, Rupert is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.35.25 AM“Rupert worked at Lowe Singapore, as a Regional Creative Director for 3 years. During that time, he led teams from Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, to produce successful through-the-line campaigns for some of our largest clients. Rupert is a well-liked, respected, and heavily-awarded creative leader. He is incredibly proactive – he’s always doing/making/shooting/launching something, and is comfortable inspiring and nurturing talent, as well as showing off his own creative skills.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.35.58 AM“I worked with Rupert on the Head & Shoulders APAC business in Fy1415. Together we developed the highest ever qualified TVC for our biggest campaign in the region. The idea was Rupert’s brainchild and has delivered excellent share and equity growth results in market. Rupert is incredibly talented but also just such a pleasure to work with- always open to understanding where his clients are coming from and always looking for opportunities to strengthen his already very strong creative work. Rupert was a true partner and I would highly recommend him.”