The Golden Spade: The Story Of Our Logo.

1. The idea was to have a logo that has its origins in emoji – simply because emojis are the newest form of communication and when done well, have a simplicity that fulfils all the prerequisites of a powerful brand mark.

2. The name Goldigga is an abbreviated form of the term “gold digger”.

3. The two commonly used emojis that almost express “gold” and “digger” are 💰 and ♠️

4. Of the two, the spade emoji is a simple and universal symbol that also has a certain cool thanks to its association with card games.

“Spades in a deck of cards is considered the highest point counting group of cards of the four suits in the deck. To have it in spades, means you are fortunate to have the highest level of satisfaction, or respect, or integrity or whatever you can refer to being the best of the best.”  – from Urban Dictionary

5. To be true to the emoji idea, the spade was copied from WhatsApp to Adobe Illustrator – where the logo was created.

6. The spade is yellow-gold, symbolic of digging for gold, it is called “The Golden Spade”.

7. The surrounding colour is brown, a complementary colour to the yellow-gold and symbolic of the ground from which gold is mined.

8. The spade is enclosed by a golden ring to form a circular badge, ideal for use on (the all important) social channels.

Official Goldigga logo incorporating “The Golden Spade” branding device.

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