8 things to consider when designing a corporate identity for a digital start-up.

  1. The profile image on social channels is the single most important element of a corporate identity for a digital startup.
  2. Most profile images are circular so your brand mark (symbol or graphic) should ideally be circular too.
  3. In the analogue era, a great brand mark would be recognisable when printed on a pen or tie; nowadays it should be recognisable as a 16×16 pixel favicon.
  4. The company name logo typeface is most often dictated by the social channel template.
  5. While it is of course essential to have a company name logo design or official typeface; in the digital era, it is a less important element of brand recognition.
  6. The digital arena is noisy, a simple-but-powerful (less-is-more) approach will more likely make your brand mark standout.
  7. Your brand colours will combine with those of social channels, consider your identity palette accordingly.
  8. The cover page is an important online design element and will need to work on a range of devices – desktop, mobile and tablet – in a range of sizes on various social media channels.

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